HUBER, Edouard

HUBER, Édouard (Eduard). Großwangen, Kanton Luzern 12.8.1879 — Vinh Long, Vietnam 6.1.1914 (when 35). Swiss Sinologist and South-East Asian Scholar, also interested in Buddhism. Son of Anton H., an industrialist, and Mathilde Vogel. Educated in Großwangen, Willisau and Solothurn. From 1897 studies in Paris, of Sanskrit (Lévi), Chinese (Chavannes), Japanese and Russian. From 1901 at E.F.E.O. in Hanoi. Travelled in Indochina, China, Korea and Japan. French citizen 1912. In 1912-14 Professor of Indochinese philology at Sorbonne. Bachelor. He is said to have known c. 30 languages. Died on way to Thailand.

Publications: Articles on Chinese Buddhist literature (BEFEO 4, 1904, 698-726; 6, 1906, 1-43, 335-340); also wrote on Indochinese epigraphy and history.

Açvaghoṣa, Sûtrâlaṁkâra, traduit en français sur la version Chinoise de Kumârajîva. 8+496 p. P. 1908.

With l. Finot: “Le Prātimokṣasūtra des Sarvāstivādins, texte sanskrit par L.F. avec la version chinoise de Kumārajīva [Nanjio 1160] trad. en français par É.H.”, JA 11:2, 1913, 465-558.

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