HÜGEL, Carl Alexander Anselm, Freiherr von

HÜGEL, Carl Alexander Anselm, Freiherr von. Regensburg 25.4.1796 — Brussels 2.6.1870. Austrian Diplomat, Traveller and Naturalist. In 1811 joined Austrian army, retired 1824 as Major. With family wealth traveled 1830-36 in Asia and Pacific collecting plants and making notes about ethnography and religions. Then lived in Vienna until 1848, After a visit to London entered Austrian diplomatic service: 1849-59 Ambassador in Toscana, then in Brussels. Married 1851 Elizabeth Farquharson, three children.

His copious notes about Kashmir and the Himalayas were much appreciated. His large collection is in Vienna Museum für Völkerkunde.

Publications: Kaschmir und das Reich der Siek. 1-4. St. 1840-46; Travels in Kashmir and the Panjab. Tr. by T.B. Jervis. 14+423 p. L. 1845.

Das Kabul-Becken und die Gebirge zwischen dem Hindu-Kosch und der Sutlej. 1-2. Vienna 1851-52.

Der Stille Ozean und die spanischen Besitzungen im Ostindischen Archipel. Vienna 1860.

Sources: Wikipedia with portrait (German version with photo, both also with bust and further references).


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