ARIS, Michael Vaillancourt

ARIS, Michael Vaillancourt. Havana, Cuba 7.3.1946 — Oxford 27.3.1999. British Tibetan Scholar, Specialist of Bhutan. Son of English father (John A.) and Canadian French mother (Josette Vaillancourt), one of twins (brother Anthony A.). B.A. 1967 Durham. In 1967–73 private tutor of royal children of Bhutan. PG studies at S.O.A.S. in 1974-78. Ph.D. 1978 London. From 1976 taught as Lecturer in Asian History at St.John’s, later at St.Anthony’s College (both of Oxford University), living in Richmond, Surrey. Married in 1972 with the Burmese Human Rights fighter Aung San Suu Kyi (1945– ), one daughter and one son. Died of prostate cancer.

Publications: “The admonition of the thunderbolt cannon-ball and its place in the Bhutanese New Year festival”, BSOAS 39, 1976, 601-635, 1 pl.; “The Temple-palace of gTam-zhing as Described by its Founder”, Arts as. 43, 1988, 33-39.

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The Raven Crown: the origins of Buddhist monarchy in Bhutan. 160 p. ill. L. 1994.

Sources: *E. De Rossi Filibeck, RSO 73, 1999, 285f.; Wikipedia.

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