HUMPHREYS, Christmas

HUMPHREYS, Christmas. London 15.2.1901 — 13.4.1983. British Lawyer and Bauddha. Son of a lawyer, Travers H. Studied at Cambridge, then himself in the Bar, and became in 1950 Senior Prosecuting Counsel like his father, from 1962 Commissioner of Central Criminal Court. Retired as judge in 1976. Adopted Theosophy as student and in 1924 founded the Buddhist Society.

Publications: numerous books on Buddhism (also on Zen), e.g.:

Buddhism. Harmondsworth 1951, and many edd.

Studies in the Middle Way. 194?, 3rd ed. 169 p. 1959.

Sixty Years of Buddhism in England. 19??.

The Way of Action. A Working Philosophy for Western Life. 196 p. L. 1960; The Buddhist Way of Life. An Invitation for Western Readers. 224 p. L. 1969.

Popular dictionary of Buddhism. L. 1962, rev. ed. 224 p. L. 1976, again 1984.

Exploring Buddhism. 191 p. L. 1974.

Sources: Wikipedia.


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