HUNFALVY, Pál (born Paul Hundsdorfer). Nagyszalók (now Velký Slavkov in Slovakia) 12.3.1810 — Budapest 30.11.1891. Hungarian Linguist. Librarian in Budapest. Born in a family with German background, learned Hungarian only as student, but became increasingly Hungaroan-minded and changed his name. In 1842-49 Professor of Law at Késmárk Collegium, in 1849 elected to the parliament moved to Budapest. From 1851 librarian of Hungarian Academy of Science. He was mainly scholar of Finno-Ugrian, but also wrote on the Gipsy language. He established the position of Hungarian as Finno-Ugric language and made important work on Vogul and Ostyak. In his later years he wrote little about linguistics, much about Hungarian and Romanian history.

Publications: edited: Maguar nyelvészet. 1-6. 1856-61; Nyelvtudomány közleményrek. 1862-78.

several books of Finno-Ugric linguistics and on Hungarian and Romanian history.

on the Gipsy language in the 1880s.

Sources: Wurzbach 9, 1863, 431-433; Ö.B.L. 3, 1965, 12; German Wikipedia with picture.


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