HUNTER, William

HUNTER, William. Montrose, Angus 1755 — Java ?.12.1812. British (Scottish) Physician in India. Educated at Marischal College and Aberdeen University (M.A. 1777). M.D. 1808. Joined the E.I.C.’S medical service in 1781. As naval surgeon 1782 he was driven to Burma by a storm. Worked as surgeon at Agra Residency, participated in Resident’s expedition from Agra to Ujjain in 1792-93. In 1794-1806 Surgeon to the marines. In 1798-1811 Secretary to the A.S.B. 1798-1802 and 1804-11. Examiner in Persian and Hindustani at Fort William College, 1805-11 also Secretary of the College. In 1811-12 Superintendent Surgeon of Java. Collected plants.

Publications: A Concise Account of the Kingdom of Pegu; Its Climate, Produce, Trade, and Government; The Manners and Customs of its Inhabitants. Interspersed with remarks Moral and Political. 152 p. Calcutta 1785, French transl. by Langlès. 1793.

– “Some Artificial Caverns near Bombay”, Archaeologia 7, 1785, 286-???, also  sep. L. 1788.

– “Some Account of the Astronomical Labours of Jayasinha, Rajah of Ambhere or Jayanagar”, As. Res. 5, 1798 = 8° repr. 1799, 177-211.

J. Taylor: A dictionary, Hindoostanee and English. Rev. by W. Hunter. 1-2. Calcutta 1808, new ed. by W. C. Smyth. 8+865 p. L. 1820; A collection of proverbs and proverbial phrases commenced by W. Hunter, in the Persian and Hindoostanee languages. Compiled and translated by T.R., edited with additions by H. H. Wilson. 1-2. Calcutta 1824.

Also wrote on Java; articles in As. Res., also on botany and astronomy; medical works and articles.

A collection of proverbs in Persian and Hindustani; revised the Hindustani New Testament.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; E.J.R[apson], D.N.B. 28, 1891, 305; Wikipedia (brief and misleading, making him priest, much better in French version).

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