HUNTER, William

HUNTER, William. 1755 — Java ?.12.1812. British Physician in India. Educated at Marischal College and Aberdeen University. Joined the E.I.C.’S medical service in 1781. In 1782 was driven to Burma by a storm. Surgeon at Agra Residency, participated in Resident’s expedition from Agra to Ujjain in 1792-93. In 1794-1806 Surgeon to the marines. In 1798-1811 Secretary to the A.S.B. Examiner in Persian and Hindustani atFort William College, also Secretary of the College. In 1811-12 Superintendent Surgeon of Java.

Publications: Account of Pegu. 1785.

Wrote on Java and examined observatories of Jai Singh; articles in As. Res., also on botany.

a collection of proverbs in Persian and Hindustani; a Hindustani dictionary (1808); revised the Hindustani New Testament.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; Wikipedia (poor, makes him priest).


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