HUTTON, John Henry

HUTTON, John Henry. West Heslerton, Malton, Yorkshire 27.6.1885 — New Radnor, Radnorshire 23.5.1968. British Civil Servant and Anthropologist in India. Son of a clergyman, educated at Chigwell School in Essex. Studies at Worcester College, Oxford. In 1909 joined I.C.S. and spent most of his career in Assam. Deputy Commissioner and from 1920 also Honorary Director of Ethnography for Assam. D.Sc. 1921 Oxford. Retired 1935, from 1936 William Wyse Professor of Social Anthropology at Cambridge. Emeritus 1950. C.I.E. Married 1920 Stella Eleanora Bishop (d. 1944), one daughter and two sons, again married 1945 Maureen Margaret O’Reilly.

Publications: Rudimentary Grammar of the Sema Naga Language with Vocabulary. 95 p. Shillong 1916; “Outline of Chang Grammar”, JASB 25, 1929, 1-101 (a Naga language).

The Angami Nagas. 480 p. L. 1921; The Sema Nagas. 461 p. L. 1922; The Lhota Nagas. 255 p. L. 1922.

– “Diaries of two tours in the unadministered area east of the Naga Hills”, MASB 11:1, 1929, 1-72, 16 pl.; many other articles.

Census of India, 1931. 1:1. Report. 10+518 p. Delhi 1933.

Caste in India. Its Nature, Functions and Origins. 8+279 p. Cambridge 1946, French translation.

Sources: C. von Fürer-Haimendorf, Proc. Royal Anthr. Inst. 1968, 66f.; *A. Macfarlane, Oxford D.N.B. 2004; Wikipedia.

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