HOFFMEISTER, Werner. Braunschweig14.3.1819 — near Firozshah 21.12.1845. German Physician and Botanist. Son of a priest, in 1827 the family moved to Wolfenbüttel. Studied medicine and natural sciences at Berlin and Bonn. D.M. 1843 Berlin. In 1844 went to India in the retinue of a Prussian prince. They travelled in North India as far as the Punjab, also visiting Kathmandu. Shot during a skirmish between British and Sikhs. His brother published the letters he sent from his travel.

Publications: Briefe aus Indien. Nach dessen nachgelassenen Briefen und Tagebüchern herausgegeben von Dr. A. Hoffmeister. 12+393 p. Braunschweig 1847.

Sources: Wikipedia.

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