JESTIN, Remont

JESTIN, Remont (Rieg, Rigakos J., also as Gestin, French Raymond-Riec Jestin). Landerneau, Bretagne 1902 (or 1905?) — Menton, Coté d’Azur 1991. French (Breton) Sumerologist and Philosopher. Studies at École du Louvre. Taught Sumerian as directeur d’études at É.P.H.É. in 1946-72. Also known as a painter.

Publications: Ar Bouddha hag ar vouddhaadegezh. 128 p. Gwalarn 95-96. Brest 1936 (Buddha and Buddhism, in Breton, with Breton-French vocabulary of technical terms).

– A book about Nietzsche (1957) and a few others in Breton.

– In French much on Sumerian language, religion and literature.

Sources: *Breton Wikipedia with photo.

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