KEARNS, James Fleming

KEARNS, James Fleming. Ireland 1825 — Tanjore 1877. Rev. British Missionary in India. In 1849 to India as lay missionary, ordained priest 1856. Worked 1856-73 for the Society for Propagation of the Gospel at Puthiamputhur, Tinnevelly, then in charge of Tanjore mission.

Publications: Tribes of South India; a sketch of their history, religion, customs, etc. 85 p. Madras 1860.

 “The Cairns of Tinnevelly”, MJLS21 (N.S. 5), 1859-60, 27-30, 1 pl.

– Atma bóda prakásika: a Vedanta standard treatise, text, translation, and commentary with appendices. 40+3 p. Madras 1867.

– Kalyán’a Shaṭ’anku or the marriage ceremonies of the Hindus of South India: together with a description of Karúmántharum or the funeral ceremonies etc. 85 p. Madras 1868.

Sources: F.P. Key, Church in Madras. L. 1922, 375;

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