KENNEDY, James (father)

KENNEDY, James. 1815 — 1899. Rev. British (Scottish) Missionary in India. M.A. In 1839-77 worked for London Missionary Society in Benares and Kumaon. Then minister of Portobello in Scotland. Married 1840 Margaret Stephen Walker (1814–1891, known as one of the first zenana missionaries), at least six children, younger —> James K.

Publications: The great Indian mutiny of 1857: its causes, features and results. 70 p. L. 1858.

– Christianity and the religions of India. 9+402 p. Mirzapore 1874.

– Life and Work in Benares and Kumaon, 1839-1877. 23+392 p. L. 1884.

– Margaret Stephen Kennedy. 12+276 p. L. 1892 (biography of his late wife).

Sources: Wife in Wikipedia.

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