LOW, Charles Rathbone

LOW, Charles Rathbone. Dublin 30.10.1837 — Kensington, London 1918. British Naval Officer. Son of Major John Handcock Low (d. 1849) of Bengal Army and Sophie Hamilton. Grew up in India until seven, then educated at Douglas College, Isle of Man. In 1853 joined Indian Navy. “Served in Indian and China seas, the Persian Gulf, Red Sea and East Coast of Africa. Assistant Secretary and Librarian, Royal United Service Institute, 1865-68.” Married 1861 Catherine Charlotte Boileau, thirteen children.

Publications: The Land of the Sun. Sketches of Travel, with Memoranda, Historical and Geographical, of Places of Interest in the East. 12+356 p. L. 1870.

– Life and Correspondence of Field-Marshall Sir George Pollock, Bart. 35+560 p. L 1873; Sir Frederick S. Roberts: A Memoir. 12+405 p. L. 1883; Memoir of Major-General J. T. Boileau. 62 p. L. 1887.

– History of the Indian Navy (1613-1863). 1-2. L. 1877.

– The Afghan War, 1838–1842; from the Journal and Correspondence of the Late Major-General Augustus Abbott. 6+346 p. L. 1879.

– Maritime Discovery: A History of Nautical Discovery from the Earliest Times. 1-2. L. 1882.

– Books not dealing with South Asia, also poems and fiction; many articles.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; Wikipedia.

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