LUARD, C. Eckford

LUARD, Charles Eckford. Farnham, Surrey 11.11.1869 — 1927. British Colonial Officer in India. Lieutenant-Colonel. Son of Colonel Charles Henry Luard and Amelia Juliana Martin. Educated in Marlborough, studies at Oxford (Christichurch). M.A. Cadet 1891, in 1892-98 served in Indian army, then in Indian Political Service until 1925. Superintendent of Census for Central India in 1910-11. C.I.E. 1923. Married Alice Margaret Todd, three sons and one daughter.

Publications: Notes on the Dilwara temples and other antiquities of the sacred mount of Arbuda (Abu). Bombay 1902, 2nd ed. 63 p. 1913.

– Edited: Eastern States (Bundelkhand) Gazetteer. Calcutta 1907; Rewah State Gazetteer. 201 p. Calcutta 1907; Orchha State Gazetteer. 141 p. Calcutta 1907; Indore State Gazetteer. Calcutta 1907; Bhopal State Gazetteer. 223 p. Calcutta 1908; Barwani State Gazetteer. 87 p. 1908; Gazetteer gleanings in Central India. Bombay 1910; Gwalior State Gazetteer. Calcutta 1908-09.

– A bibliography of the literature dealing with the Central India agency. 118 p. L. 1908.

– The Paramāras of Dhār and Mālwā. 53 p. Bombay 1908; Jungle Tribes of Malwa. 101 p. Lucknow 1909; Dhar & Mandu: a sketch for the sight-seer. 30 p. Bombay 1916.

– “Les grottes de Bagh et leurs fresques”, RAA 3:1, 1926, 3-10, 2 pl. (ALSO BY HIM?).

– Translated: The Travels of Fray Sebastien Manrique. 1-2. L. Hakluyt Society 1926-27.

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