KARAMZIN, Nikolaj Mihajlovič

KARAMZIN, Nikolaj Mihajlovič. Znamenskoe, Govt. Simbirsk 12.12.(1.12.)1766 — St.Petersburg 2.6.(22.5.)1826. Russian Literate and Historian. Son of an officer, studies in Moscow and St.Petersburg. Travelled in Germany, Switzerland, France and England in 1789-90, then introduced Western ideas in Russia and developed literary style and language. As official historiographer (from 1803) he was uncritical and conservative.

Publications: Russian translation of selections from Jones’ (Forster’s) Sacontala, published in his own journal, Moskovskij Žurnal 1792.

a Russian history in 12 vols. (1816-29), travel books, short stories, poetry, etc.

Sources: Wikipedia with portrait and further references.


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