ASSIER DE POMPIGNAN, Raoul-Henri. Maisons-Laffitte 2.6.1862 — Paris 11.12.1947. French Naval Officer interested in Indology. Son of Adrien AdeP and Marie Gastel. In 1884 graduated from École navale. In 1909 naval lieutenant, in the 1920s captain of frigate, in the 1930s retired, living in Tamaris-sur-Mer (Var). In 1948 still listed as living, in Toulouse. Married, 8 children.

Publications: tr. into French: Minaev, Recherches sur le bouddhisme. 317 p. AMG Bibl. d’ét. 64. P. 1894.

– edition, trad. & annoté: Kālidāsa: Meghadūta (Le nuage messager). En appendice Rtusamhāra (Les saisons). 215 p. P. 1938.

Sources: Member lists in JA for 1909, 1924, 1929, 1934, 1938, 1948 (no more in 1951); Neither in Arch. biogr. fr. nor in N.U.C.

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