KAUFMANN, Walter. Karlsbad (now Karlovy Vary in Czech) 1.4.1907 — Bloomington 9.9.1984. Czech German composer, conductor and Musicologist in the U.S.A. Born in the then Austro-Hungarian Empire of Jewish parents, Julius Jakob K. and Josefine Antonia Wagner. Studied music in Prague and Berlin, started his career as conductor in both cities. In 1934 went to Bombay to study Indian music, and could not return because of the Nazis. He was 12 years the head of classical music department of All India Radio and himself composed classical and film music. Also travelled much in India and China. After 1945 he was not allowed to return to Czechoslovakia because of his German background and moved in 1946 to London and 1947 to Halifax, Canada. From 1957 Professor of Ethnomusicology at Indiana University, Bloomingotn. U.S. citizen 1964. Retired in 1977. As scholar he concentrated on the music of India, Tibet and China. Married Gerti Hermann (divorce 1946) and 1952 Freda Trepel, children.

Publications: Musical Notations of the Orient: Notational Systems of Continental, East, South and Central Asia. 498 p. Indiana Univ. Humanities Series 60. Bloomington 1967.

The Ragas of Northern India. 9+625 p. 35 ill. Bloomington 1968; The Ragas of South India: A Catalogue of Scalar Material. 723 p. Bloomington 1976.

Tibetan Buddhist Chant: Musical Notations and Interpretations of a Song Book by the Bkah Brgyud Pa and Sa Skya Pa Sects. 566 p. Indiana Univ. Humanities Series 70. Bloomington 1975.

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Altindien. 208 p. Musikgeschichte in Bildern 2: Musik des Alterums Lf. 8. Leipzig 1981.

Many further works.

Sources: Wikipedia with photo (also German version).

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