KAYE, George Rusby

KAYE, George Rusby. Leicester 1866 — Tunbridge Wells, Kent 1.7.1929. British Teacher and Indologist in India. Son of George Rusby K. and Lucy Emma Oliver. Educated at Wyggeston Grammar School in London and St. Mark’s College in Chelsea. In 188? he came to India as teacher, taught first at Bishop Cotton School in Simla, then Rector of Boy’s High School in Allahabad and Byculla Boys’ School in Bombay, then Vice-Principal of Government Training College in Lucknow and from 1903 in Allahabad. Soon he was transferred to Bureau of Education in Simla and remained there until his retirement in 1923. Back in England he was given the task of cataloguing European manuscripts in India Office, which he continued until his death. Married, two daughters and one son.

As a scholar Kaye concentrated on Indian mathematics, criticising too positive claims of originality. Himself he derived greater part of it from Greece, perhaps thus exaggerating the opposite viewpoint, but in general his influence was healthy. He also deciphered astronomical antiquities for the Archaeological Department.

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