KAYE, John William

KAYE, John William. Acton, Middlesex (?) 1814 — London 24.7.1876. Sir. British Colonial Officer, Publisher and Author in India. Son of Charles K., solicitor to the Bank of England, and Eliza Atkins. Educated at Eton and Addiscombe. Joined the Bengal Artillery and went to India in 1832/33. Retired from the army in 1841 and started a literary career. In 1844 he founded the Calcutta Review, but returned to England in 1845. In 1856 he joined the E.I.C.’s Home Civil Service and in 1858 succeeded J. S. Mill as Secretary in Political and Secret Department at India Office. Retired on health reasons in 1874. K.C.S.I. 1871. Married 1839 Mary Catherine Puckle.

Publications: Founded the Calcutta Review, edited the first five numbers and wrote 47 articles in the first 50 issues.

History of the War in Afghanistan. 1-2. 1851, rev. ed. 1-3. 1857-58; History of the Sepoy War in India. 1-3. L. 1864-76, rev. and continued by G.B. Malleson. 1-6. 1890.

Administration of the East India Company. 712 p. L. 1853; Lives of Indian Officers. 1-2. L. 1867.

Life and Correspondence of Charles, Lord Metcalfe. 1. 516 p. L. 1854; Life and Correspondence of Henry St. George Tucker. 622 p. L. 1854; Life and Correspondence of Sir John Malcolm. 1-2. L. 1856.

Christianity in India. An Historical Narrative. 522 p. L. 1859.

Edited the Indian memoirs of Buckle (1852) and Tucker (1853), wrote novels, articles, etc.

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