KEANE, Augustus Henry

KEANE, Augustus Henry. Cork 1833 — 1912. Irish.Journalist and Ethnological Writer. Educated at Cork, Dublin and Jersey, graduated from Roman Catholic College, Dublin. From 1862 editor of the Glasgow Free Press. For a while studied in Germany, then Professor of Hindustani at University College, London in 1883-85. In his books propagated racist anthropology, but as he worked more with linguistics than physical anthropology he was not very influential. In his early career he was politically radical and took controversial religious stand, but later drifted away from his Catholic religion.

His Ophir book shows much fantasy. Thus he claims that Ophir was a gold market in South Arabia dealing with gold brought from Rhodesia, the Havilah of the Bible, while Tarshish was its most important port.

Publications: a number of works, e.g.: Man Past and Present. 1899; The World’s Peoples. 1908.

The Gold of Ophir – Whence brought and by Whom? London 1901.

Sources: Wikipedia.


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