KELLEY, Gerard B

KELLEY, Gerard B. 24.6.1928 — 7.12.1987. U.S. Linguist, Scholar of Hindi and Telugu. Professor in Ithaca. Graduated in 1945 from Boston Latin School. Ph.D. 195? University of Wisconsin. Until 1963 taught at University of Wisconsin as Professor at Departments of Linguistics and Indian Studies. From 1963 taught general and South Asian linguistics, history of English language, and courses of Hindi and Telugu at Cornell University in Ithaca. In 1971-75 Chairman of Department of Modern Lan­guages and Linguistics. He had been Rockefeller Fellow in India in 1957-59 and later visited several times Osmania University in Hyderabad. Died in cancer. Married with Helen.

A sociolinguist with main interest in Telugu.

Publications: diss. on Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

articles on Telugu, especially phonology.

– “The status of Hindi as Lingua Franca”

Sources: Dimensions of Sociolinguistics in South Asia. Papers in Memory of Gerald B. Kelley. N.D. 1992 with life (xix-xxi, by Dimock and Gair) and photo; J.W. Gair, S.J. O’Connor & R.L. Leed in


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