KELLER-GRIMM, Maya. 1900 — 1990. German Bauddha. Daughter of —> Georg Grimm and thus grew into a kind of “Buddhism” as a child. Later, continuing her father’s work, she was among the leaders of Altbuddhistische Gemeinde and editor of the Yāna.

Publications: Die Lehre des Buddha: die Religion des Vernunft und der Meditation. Hrsg. von M. Keller-Grimm & M. Hoppe. 519 p. 20th ed. Freiburg 1988.

edited: G. Grimm: English transl. by C. Aikins, Buddhist Wisdom: the Mystery of the Self. 2nd rev. and enl. edition. 68 p. Delhi 1978.

Sources: Peiris, Buddhism. 128-130.


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