KERNS, James Alexander

KERNS, James Alexander. Mason, Ingham County, Mich. 17.1.1894 — Richmond NY ?.10.1975. U.S. IE Scholar. Son of James Kerns and Ida M. Barnes. Educated at Michigan State Nor. College (1913) and University of Michigan (A.B. 1916, A.M. 1917). In 1921-29 Instructor at Whitman College, 1929-37 Member of Faculty at New York University, 1935 Ph.D. there. In 1937-45 Assistant Professor of Classics at Washington Square College of New York University, in 1945-70 Associate Professor ibid. In 1970 emeritus. Married 1919 Ruth Rardel Avery.

Publications: With B. Schwartz: “The Laryngeal Hypothesis and Indo-Hittite, Indo-European Vocalism”, JAOS 60, 1940, 181-192; “Multiple Stem Conjugation: An Indo-Hittite Isogloss?”, Language 22, 1946, 57-67; other articles..

With B. Schwartz: A Sketch of the Indo-European Verb. 8+83 p. Ld. 1972.

Sources: *Studies in honour of J.A.K. the Hague 1970; *Bono homini donum. Essays in Historical Linguistics in Memory of J.A.K. Amsterdam Studies 4:16. Amst. 1981; Dir. Am. Sch. 1st ed. 1942; 6th ed. 3, 1974 (no more in 8th ed. 1982); family details and photo in

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