KIEPERT, Heinrich

KIEPERT, Heinrich. Berlin 31.7.1818 — Berlin 21.4.1899. German Geographer, Cartographer, and Historian of Geography. Professor in Berlin. Son of Samuel K., a merchant, and Christiane Henriette Beer. Educated at Joachimsthaler Gymnasium, became soon interested in ancient history and geog­raphy. From 1836 studies of classical philology and geography at Berlin, under A. Böckh, Ranke and especially C. Ritter, whose assistant (in his Allgemeine Erdkunde) and friend he remained long time. In 1841-42 first travel to Asia Minor, which now became his speciality. In 1845-52 Kartographischer Leiter of Bertusches Institut in Weimar, in 1852-77 Kartogr. Leiter of Verlag Dietrich Reimer. In 1853, on Ritter’s recommendation, elected in Prussian Academy and started teaching at Berlin University, from 1859 ao. Professor für Geographie there. From 1865 also Director of Topographische Abteilung of Statistical Office, which took much time from research. In 1870 travelled with his son Richard in Palestina and Caria, but the Franco-German war forced back. From 1874 ord. Professor für Erdkunde at Berlin. In his teaching concentrated on historical geography, and in 1886 a second chair was founded for physical geography. In 1886 and 1888 again travelled in western Asia Minor. Married in 1845 with Siglinde Jungk (1819–1900), three sons (Richard, 1846–1915, succeeded in 1877 his father at Reimer Verlag) and one daughter. In his work on classical geography he also included Iran and India.

Publications: Topographisch-historische Atlas von Hellas und den hellen. Kolonien. 1841-46, Suppl. 1851, 3rd ed. 1871; Karte von Kleinasien und türkischen Armenien. Karte 1844, Abhandlung 1854; Atlas antiquus. 1861, several translations; Lehrbuch der alten Geographie. 1878

– “Über die geographische Anordnung der Namen arischer Landschaften im ersten Fargard des Vendidad”, MbBEAW 1856, 621-647; “Über die persische Königstrasse durch Vorderasien nach Herodotos”, MbBEAW 1857, 123-140 (& ZfErdkunde 4, 1870); “Oberer Lauf des Euphrates und Tigris”, MbBEAW 1873 & Hermes 9, 1874.

– “Andeutungen zu untersuchungen über den arischen character der medischen sprache”, Beitr. z. vergl. Sprachforschung 1, 1858, 38-47.

Sources: G. Engelmann, N.D.B. 11, 1977, 593f.; *Wikipedia with photo.

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