MYER, Prudence R.

MYER, Prudence R. 21.12.1920 — 27.4.2001. U.S. Art Historian. Assistant Professor at Mount Holyoke College (1956), Professor of Art at Tulane University (1963), Associate Professor of Art at University of California, Santa Barbara (1966).

Publications: Articles, e.g. “The Great Temple at Bodh-Gayā”, The Art Bulletin 40, 1958, 277–298; “Stupas and Stupa-Shrines”, Art. As. 24, 1961, 25-34, 7 fig.; “Images and Influences of Oriental Art: A Study of European Taste”, Art Journal 20, 1961, 203-210; “Again the Kanishka Casket”, The Art Bulletin 48, 1966, 396–403; “Bodhisattvas and Buddhas: Early Buddhist Images from Mathurā”, Art. As. 47, 1986, 107-142; reviews.

Sources: Scanty stray notes in Internet.

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