KINCAID, Charles Augustus

KINCAID, Charles Augustus. Indore 8.2.1870 — Fulham, London 15.8.1954. British Civil Servant and Marathi Scholar in India. Son of —> General William K. and Martha Pattie Shortt, educated at Sherborne School and Balliol College, Oxford. Passed I.C.S. examination 1889, arrived in India in 1891. In 1891-94 Assistant Collector in Sind, 1896-98 Assistant Judge in Satara, 1898-1905 Judicial Assistant in Kathiawar, 1905-07 and 1914 Agent for Sardars in the Deccan, from 1910 Political Secretary, 1917 Member of Viceroy’s council, 1920 and 1925 Judicial Commissioner of Sind, 1921 Acting Judge of Bombay High Court. Retired in 1926. In 1927-31 Vice-Consul in Cherbourg and 1934-35 in St. Malo, 1931-33 Consul in Berne. Retired 1935. Married 1904 Katherine Mary Seddon, one daughter and two sons (—> Dennis K).

Publications: The Outlaws of Kathiawar and other Studies. 154 p. Bombay 1905.

Deccan Nursery Tales. 134 p. 1914; Tales from the Indian epics. 130 p. Bombay 1918; Shri Krishna and other Stories. 1920; Tales of King Vikrama. 8+155 p. L. – Bombay 1921 (with others); Tales of Old Sind. 6+140 p. L. 1922; further story collections.

The Indian Heroes. 11+147 p. L. 1915; Ishtar Phadke: a gallant Englishman: and other studies. 142 p. Bombay 1917; Teachers of India. 10+120 p. L. 1927.

With D. B. Parasnis: History of the Maratha People. 1-3. Bombay 1918-25, new ed. 11+503 p. L. 1971.

Mahapati: Tales of the Saints of Pandharpur. Translated. 120 p. Bombay 1919.

– Successors of Alexander the Great. 182 p. 1930; other works and translations.

– Forty-four years a public servant. 312 p. Edinburgh 1934.

Sources: *A. Tikekar, The Kincaids, Two Generations of a British Family in the Indian Civil Service. N.D. 1992; Who Was Who;; Wikipedia briefly.

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