KING, Winston Lee

KING, Winston Lee. Avilla Ind. 30.8.1907 — Madison Wisc. 15.2.1975. U.S. Scholar of Com­parative Religion. Methodist priest. Born in a farm, educated at Ashburry College (A.B. 1929), Andover Newton Theological Seminar (B.D. 1936) and Harvard (S.M.T. 1938). Ph.D. 1940 Harvard. After four years as school-teacher of mathematics worked in 1930-49 as minister in Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. In 1949-63 Dean of Chapel, 1949-54 Associate Professor and 1954-64 Professor of Religion at Grinnel College, Iowa. In 1958-60 teacher and adviser in Burma, and studied Buddhist meditation, in 1960 in India. In 1964-73 Professor of History of Religions at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. In 1965-66 Fulbright Lecturer at Kyoto University. In 1973-75 Special Professor of Eastern Religions at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. Married with Jocelyn Brownlee, one daughter, two sons.

Publications: diss. Nature and Process of Religious Knowledge. 1940 (a comparison of Thera/ Therīgātha and Jeremiah).

Buddhism and Christianity. Some Bridges of Understanding. 240 p. L. 1962; In the Hope of Nirvana. 19??; A Thousand Lives Away: Buddhism in Country Burma. 1964; five further books.

Sources: Dir. Am. Sch. 6th ed. 4, 1974; Peiris, Buddhism 266-268; Harvard University Obituary Collection for 1975 (internet).

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