KING, Winston L.

KING, Winston Lee. Avilla, Ind. 30.8.1907 — Madison, Wisc. 15.2.1975. U.S. Scholar of Com­parative Religion. Methodist priest. Born in a farm, son of Alfred Hiram K. and Alberta Bodenhafer. Educated at Ashburry College (A.B. 1929), Andover Newton Theological Seminar (B.D. 1936) and Harvard (S.M.T. 1938). Ph.D. 1940 Harvard. After four years as school-teacher of mathematics worked in 1930-49 as minister in Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. In 1949-63 Dean of Chapel, 1949-54 Associate Professor and 1954-64 Professor of Religion at Grinnel College, Iowa. In 1958-60 teacher and adviser in Burma, and studied Buddhist meditation, in 1960 in India. In 1964-73 Professor of History of Religions at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. In 1965-66 Fulbright Lecturer at Kyoto University. In 1973-75 Special Professor of Eastern Religions at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. Married 1931 Jocelyn Brownlee, one daughter, two sons.

Publications: Diss. Nature and Process of Religious Knowledge. 1940 (a comparison of Thera/ Therīgātha and Jeremiah).

– The Holy Imperative. N.Y. 1949; Introduction to Religion. N.Y. 1964

Buddhism and Christianity. Some Bridges of Understanding. 240 p. L. 1962; In the Hope of Nibbāna; the ethics of Theravāda Buddhism. 10+298 p. LaSalle Ill. 1964; A Thousand Lives Away: Buddhism in Country Burma. 238 p. Cambridge MA 1964; Theravāda Meditation: The Buddhist Transformation of Yoga. 172 p. University Park PA 1980;  further books.

– “An Experience in Buddhist Meditation”, Journal of Religion 41, 1961, 51-61 (in Burma); “Śūnyatā as a Master-Symbol”, Numen 17, 1970, 95-104; “Sacramental Aspects of Theravāda Buddhist Meditation”, Numen 36, 1989, 248-256.

Sources: Dir. Am. Sch. 6th ed. 4, 1974; Peiris, Buddhism 266-268 with photo; Harvard University Obituary Collection for 1975 (Internet).

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