KLATT, Johannes

KLATT, Johannes. Filehne, Posen 31.10.1852 — Berlin 27.8.1903, or rather 1908. German Indologist. Studies of Indology under Weber at Berlin. Ph.D. 1873 Halle. Worked as Kustos in the Royal Library in Berlin. In 1894 Leumann calls him the late. Married, his son was the pedagog Fritz Klatt, dates above from Rau, Bilder. Apparently the answer is in a long (mental) illness. He was working on a great Jaina Onomasticon, meant to be more than 1000 pages, but the work was interrupted by the illness, from which he never recovered, and only a specimen of 55 pages was published. The manuscript remains and is now worked upon.

Publications: diss. De trecentis Cāṇakyae poetae indici sententis. 6+72 p. B. 1873.

ed. & transl. “Dhanapâla’s Ṛishabhapañcâçikâ”, ZDMG 33, 1879, 445-483.

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edited by E. Leumann: “The Sāmāchārī-Śatakam of Samayasundara and Pattavalis of the Anchala-Gachchha and other Gachchhas”, IA 23, 1894, 169-183.

Sources: dates in Rau, Bilder; information given by C. Krümpelmann.

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