KLEEN (af Kleen), Tyra

KLEEN (af Kleen), Tyra. Stockholm 29.3.1874 — Stockholm 17.9.1951. Swedish Painter interested in South and South-East Asia. Daughter of Richard Kleen (1841-1923), diplomat and juridical author, and Maria Charlotta Amelia Wattrang. Educated at home, in the 1890s art studies in Germany and Paris. In 1898-1906 in Rome, then mainly living in Lidingö near Stockholm. In 1897-1923 she participated in numerous exhibitions, first with drawings and lithographies in German symbolic style, also with portraits and book illustrations. In 1911-26 travelled much, e.g. in India (1911) and in Indonesia (1919-21), became much interested in folk arts. Unmarried.

Publications: Mudras. 1922 (in Dutch); English transl. Mudras, the ritual hand-poses of the Buddha priests and the Shiva priests of Bali. 42 p. 70 p. drawings. L. 1924, German transl. 1923.

Vajang (Javanese teater). 34 p. 29 pl. Stockholm 1930 (plates and Swedish text); English tr. 1936 (book; on Javanese drama); Tempeldanser och musikinstrumenter på Bali. 1931 (plates and Swedish text); English tr. 1936 (book).

Sources: Sv. Män och Kv. 4, 1948; Svenskt Konstnärslexikon 3, 1957, with photo. N.B. several later artist lexicons state 1957 as her death, but exact date in 1951 is confirmed in Adelskalender 1951; Wikipedia with photo (another and further details in Swedish version); photo in Sardesai.

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