KNOWLES, James Hinton

KNOWLES, James Hinton (James Hinton-Knowles?). Clerkenwell, London 1856 — Ely, Cambridgeshire 1943. Rev. British Missionary in India. Son of John Hinton Knowles and Eliza Lane. He worked for Church Missionary Society in Srinagar, Kashmir, where he was the director of Mission’s boys’ school 1880-91, and eagerly studied on local folklore. Married 1881 in Bengal Ellen Fairbanks, children.

Publications: A Dictionary of Kashmiri Proverbs and Sayings. 8+263 p. Bombay 1885.

Folk-tales of Kashmir. 10+510 p. S.l. 1888, 2nd ed. 1893.

– Several articles on Kashmiri folklore in IA 1885-89 and in JASB.

Participated in Bible translation in Kashmiri.

Sources: Briefly in Wikipedia, not in Who Was Who;

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