KNOWLES, James Hinton

KNOWLES, James Hinton (James Hinton-Knowles?). 1856 — 1943. Rev. British Missionary in India. He worked for Church Missionary Society in Srinagar, Kashmir, where he was the director of Mission’s boys’ school 1880-91, and eagerly studied on local folklore. Married, at least one daughter.

Publications: A Dictionary of Kashmiri Proverbs and Sayings. 8+263 p. Bombay 1885.

Folk-tales of Kashmir. 10+510 p. S.l. 1888, 2nd ed. 1893.

– Several articles on Kashmiri folklore in IA 1885-89 and in JASB.

Participated in Bible translation in Kashmiri.

Sources: Very briefly in Wikipedia, not in Who Was Who.

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