KOPP, Hermann

KOPP, Hermann. Neckarhausen bei Mannheim 1902 — 1987. German Indologist (Pāli scholar). In 1922-27 studies of Protestant Theology and Indology (under Zimmer and Walleser) at Heidelberg, for a while at Leipzig, in 1930-34 at Walleser Institute. Ph.D. 1935 Heidelberg. In 1936-39 and 194?-53 in the editorial board of the P.T.S. In 1954-58 Director of Walleser Institute in Heidelberg, in 1959-64 of Mainz Academy (also teaching at the university), from 1964 of South-East Asian Institute at Heidelberg University. In the early 1980s still there.

Publications: Diss. Buddhaghosa’s Kommentar zum 7. Buch des Anguttara-Nikāya. Textkritische Ausgabe. 37 p. Mannheim 1935.

Manorathapūraṇī. Buddhaghosas’s commentary on the Aṅguttara-Nikāya. After the MS. of E. Hardy edited by M. Walleser and H. Kopp. 1-5. L. 1924-30-36-40-57 (PTS text series 64-68; 1. by MW, 2. by MW & HK, 3-5. by HK); Itivuttaka and Cariyapitaka Commentaries (Paramatthadīpani II and VII). PTS 1979.

Contributed to the C.P.D.

Sources: Peiris, Buddhism 160; Buddhist Studies Review 4:2, 1987, 143.

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