KOSSOVIČ, Ignatij Andreevič

KOSSOVIČ, Ignatij Andreevič. 1808 — 15.10.1878. (Byelo-)Russian. Professor in Warsaw. Brother of —> Kaetan K., also interested in Greek and Sanskrit. Studied Theology at Vilnius (mag. theol. 1830) and Classics at St.Petersburg (mag.filos.). In 1833-35 Professor of Greek at Byelo-Russian Greek-Uniated Theological Seminary, then taught Greek at gymnasia in Kromy, Smolensk and Moscow, from 1849 Inspector of Schools in Rjazan, then in Vladimir. In 1860-70 Gymnasium Professor in St.Petersburg. From 1870 Docent and in 1872-78 Professor of Greek at the new University of Warsaw. Dr. of Roman Philology 1871.

Publications: translated: Nal’ i Damajanti. Moscow 1851, 2nd ed. 1862.

with his brother: Grečesko-russkij slovar’. 1. 1848 (A-Eφις), vol. 2 posthumously 1902.

De Horatio Lyrico poeta. 1870 (dr.diss.); Goracianskie liričeskie razmery. 118 p. Varšava 1874, and other works.

Sources: Russkij biografičeskij slovar’. Knappe–Kjahel’beker. 1903, 301; *Russian Vikipedija.

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