KRAHE, Hans. Ückendorf/Kr. Gelsenkirchen 7.2.1898 — Tübingen 25.6.1965. German IE Scholar. Professor in Würzburg, Heidelberg and Tübingen. Son of a merchant Friedrich Kr. and Mathilde Bertelmann. In 1915-18 served voluntary in the war, matriculated in 1919 in Gelsenkirchen. Studies of IE (under Sommer) and Romanistics at Jena. Ph.D. 1924 Jena. From 1928 PD at Jena, 1934 moved to Würzburg. From 1936 ao. Professor für vergleichende indogermanische Sprachwissenschaft at Würzburg, from 1946 ord. Professor there. In 1945-46 Dean of the faculty leading its reorganization. In 1947-50 Professor at Heidelberg and from 1950 at Tübingen. Married Else Agnes Gessner, one son.

He was a successor of the Junggrammarians and particularly interested in Illyrian and in prehistorics onomastics. He found out the so-called Old European hydronymy.

Publications: Diss. Die alten balkan-illyrischen geographischen Namen. Heidelberg 1924.

Habil.diss. Lexikon altillyrischer Personennamen. 8+174 p. Heidelberg 1928.

Die Sprache der Illyrier. 1. 120 p. Wb. 1955.

Die Struktur der alteuropäischen Hydronymie. 58 p. 2 tables. AbhAWLMainz 1962. Wb. 1963; other studies on onomastics, etc.

Further studies, several hand- and textbooks, e.g. Indogermanische Sprachwissenschaft. Sammlung Göschen 1948 and many aditions.

Sources: Briefly in D.B.E. 6, 1997, 66; M. Faust, N.D.B. 12, 1980, 659-661; *W. P Schmidt, Lex. gramm. 1996, 528f.;  *Sybaris. Fs. Hans Krahe. Wb. 1963 with photo (also in TITUS Galeria); Wikipedia.

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