KRAMRISCH, Stella (married Neményi). Nikolsburg (now Mikulov), Moravia 29.5.1898 — Malvern, Pa. 31.8.1993. Austrian Art Historian in India and the U.S.A. Professor in Calcutta and Philadelphia. Born in Moravia, daughter of Isidor Kr. The family moved to Vienna when she was ten and she attended there classical gymnasium. Studied art history at Vienna, under Strzygowski and Max Dvořák, also started Sanskrit. Ph.D. 1919 Vienna. In 1919 visited Oxford and met R. Tagore, who invited her to come to India and teach at Kala Bhavan, the Santiniketan Academy of Art. She sailed to India in 1920 and taught at Kala Bhavan in 1920-23. From 1923 Lecturer, in 1944-50 Professor of Indian Art at University of Calcutta. Later she spent there only part of every year, always returning to England, where she was in 1936-41 Professor at Courtauld Institute in London. In 1950 moved to the U.S.A., invited by W. Norman Brown. In 1950-69 Professor of South Asian Art at University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, in 1969 emeritus. In 1954-72 Curator of Indian Art in Philadelphia Museum of Art, then still active as Curator Emeritus. From 1964 Professor of Indian Art at Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, retired in 1982. Hon. Dr.Litt. 1974 Visvabharati University, Hon. Ph.D. 1981 University of Pennsylvania. In 1929 she married, Laszlo Neményi, a Hungarian economist, but they lived separately, she in Calcutta, he in Delhi and Karachi, where he was murdered in 1950. She died at home.

Kramrisch was one of the foremost scholars of Indian art, whose books on sculpture and temples are considered great classics. Occasionally she has been criticized of philological inaccuracy and defective linguistic knowledge.

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Numerous articles, co-editor of the JISOA 1932-50 and in the editorial board of the ArtAs 1958-91.

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