LAMAIRESSE, Pierre Eugène

LAMAIRESSE, Pierre Eugène. Châlons-sur-Marne 1817 — Marengo 17.4.1898. French Engineer interested in India. The youngest son of Jean-Baptiste-Cyprien L., an agriculturalist, studied at École polytechnique and became a hydraulic engineer. Served as engineer in French India in 1860–66. Back in France, he became an author writing much on India and, as a polyglot, on other Asian countries. His collection of South Indian temple sculpture he presented to the museum of Châlons.

Publications: Poésies populaires du sud de l’Inde. 364 p. P. 1867; Chants populaires du sud de l’Inde. 334 p. P. 1868 (the same?).

tr. Théologie hindoue. Le Prem Sagar. Océan d’amour. 49+346 p. P. 1892; Le Kama Sutra. Règles de l’amour de Vatsyayana. 300 p. P. n.d. (c. 1891).

L’Inde après le Buddha. La vie du Buddha, suivie du Bouddhisme dans l’Indo-Chine. P. 1892.

Vie de Mahomet. 1-2. P. 1897-98; books about China and Japan and on hydrology.

Sources: L. Feer, RHR 26, 1892, 339-347 (review of L’Inde après le Buddha); books in Catal. gén. de la libr. fr. 15, 1891–1899, P. 1904; Wikipédia with photo.

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