LAMBRICK, Hugh Trevor

LAMBRICK, Hugh Trevor. Shardlow, Derbyshire 20.4.1904 — Oxford 31.8.1982. British Civil Servant and Historian in India. Son of Charles Mengier (Menzies?) L. (1862–1947) and Jessie Mabel Trevor (1875–1946). Born in a family with long traditions in colonial service and especially in Sindh, he studied at Oxford (B.A.), entered I.C.S. and served in 1927-46 in Sindh, finally as Deputy Commissioner of Larkana. In 1940-43 President of Sind Historical Society. Conducted archaeological research on Marappa and Mohenjo Daro. C.I.E. 1944. From 1947 Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford. In 1971 Fellow emeritus and D.Litt. Oxford. Married Gabrielle Margaret Jennings.

Publications: A number of articles on ancient geography, archaeology, history and ethnology in the Journal of Sind Historical Society.

Sir Charles Napier and Sind. 402 p. Oxford 1952; John Jacob of Jacobabad. 465 p. L. 1960.

Sind: A general introduction. 15+274 p. History of Sind Series 1. Hyderabad (Sind) 1964, 2nd ed. Hyderabad (Sind) & Karachi 1975.

– “The Indus flood-plain and the ‘Indus’ Civilization”, Geogr. Journal 1967.

– The Terrorist. Transl. from the Sindhi. 246 p. L. 1972 (on the Hur rebellion, a ms. by a Hur).

Sind before the Muslim Conquest. 12+218 p. History of Sind Ser. 2. Hyderabad 1973.

Sources: Cover of his Sind. 1975; briefly in Wikipedia.

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