LEE, Lionel Frederic

LEE, Lionel Frederic. Colombo 4.12.1845 — Colombo 4.12.1899. Hon. British Civil Servant in Sri Lanka. Son of George Lee, Postmaster-General of Ceylon, and Martha Austin. In 1869 Assistant Government Agent, in 1881 Registrar-General, in 1887 short time Mayor of Colombo, Principal Collector of Customs at Colombo, died as Treasurer of Ceylon (April to September 1899, before this deputy). C.C.S. Married.

Publications: Three articles in JRAS-CB 5:16, 1870: “A prose translation of the introductory stanzas on the Kusajátaka”, 4-7, “Notes on a Sannasa”, 8-10, 1 pl., and “The Romanized text of the first five chapters of the Bálávatára, a Páli Grammar”, 113-133; further ed. & tr.: “Bálávatára”, The Orientalist 2, 1886, 71-73, 97f. & 3, 1889, 210-212.

Sources: Death noted in JRAS-CB 16:51, 1900; stray notes in Internet; life dates in www.apac16.dsl.pipex.com/tree/fam/Lee.html.

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