LEECH, Robert

LEECH, Robert. 7.12.1813 — Ambala 2.9.1845. British Colonial Officer in India. Engineer Major, in 1836 still as Lieutenant Assistant of Burnes, served in Afghanistan until 1842.

Publications: a number of articles on Pañjabi, Kashmiri, and Brahui languages, on travels in North-West India and neighbouring countries, on Sikh religion etc. in JASB 7–14, 1838–45, e.g.:

– “Epitome of the Grammar of the Brahuiky, the Balochky, and the Panjabi languages”, JASB 7, 1838, 538-557, 608-620, 781-787.

With A. Burnes, P. B. Lord & J. Wood: Reports and Papers, Political, Geographical, & Commercial. Calcutta 1839 (political, on Afghanistan and Sindh, 124 p., 51–95 by RL; geographical, on Afghanistan and Indus Valley, 160 p. including “Grammars of the Brahoreekee, Beeloochee, & Punjabee Languages”, 81–148, same as above, and also by RL 8–19, 29–43, 149–155: Commercial, 200 p. of which 32–35, 39–70, 79–97 & 180–188 by RL).

Sources: Dates in http://glosters.tripod.com/offzdiedl.htm; not in Br. Biogr. Arch.

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