LEHOT, Maurice

LEHOT, Maurice. 18?? — 5.3.1931. French Indologist. Studied at Lyon, among other things Indology under Lacôte. He worked as schoolteacher (Professor) at lycée in Aix-en-Provence (in 1920/29 there) and the work took most of his time so that he could only conclude his edition, chāyā and translation of the Ratnāvalī, which was then edited by Renou, who added an introduction and notes to it.

Publications: Edited & translated: Harṣa, Ratnāvalī. 21+2×104 p. Coll. E. Senart. P. 1933.

Assisted Brunot in the 6th vol. of Histoire de la langue française. P. 1930.

Sources: Renou’s introduction to his only book; Google gives a number of references to the Ratnāvalī and the Occitan newspaper Lou Gal of 2.5.1920 confirming him in Aix then.

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