WAUCHOPE, Robert Stuart

WAUCHOPE, Robert Stuart (until 1920 R. S. Wahab). 1887? — 19??. British Colonial Officer in India. Son of a Colonel of Indian army. Joined army in 1906, 1910 appointed to Survey of India. After military duties in 1914-21 its Assistant Director of Works in Waziristan. From 1929 Superintendent of Surveys in Secunderabad, from 1930 Assistant Surveyor-General in Calcutta. Major (1933). In 1932 accused of accepting bribes from the Nizam and suspended, but after long trial finally released in 1934. Married, two children.

Publications: Buddhist Cave Temples of India. 114 p. 51 pl. L. 1936.

Sources: https://indiankanoon.org/doc/1421462/ and other court documents in Internet.

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