WEINREICH, Uriel. Wilno, Poland (now Vilnius. Lithuania) 23.5.1926 — New York City 30.3.1967. U.S. (born Polish Jew) Linguist. Son of linguist Max. W. (1894–1969), a specialist of sociolonguistics and Yiddish, and Regina Szabad, came to New York with his father in 1940, citizen 1945 when in army. Studies at Columbia: B.A., M.A. and 1951 Ph.D. Then taught at Columbia as Professor of Linguistics and Atran Professor of Yiddish. Died of cancer. Married Beatrice Silverman, two children. Like his father specialised in sociolinguistics and Yiddish.

Publications: Diss. publ. as Languages in contact, Findings and Problems. 148 p. N.Y. 1953 and several editions.

– “Functional aspects of Indian bilingualism”, Word 13, 1957, 203-233.

– Wrote on linguistics and Yiddish.

Sources: *Y. Malkiel & M.I. Herzog, Language 43, 1967, 605-610; Wikipedia.

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