LILLEY, Mary E. 18?? — 14.3.1940. Miss. British Pāli and Buddhist Scholar. Active as early as 1911, in 1917 Mrs. Rhys Davids thanked her for assistance in the Saṁyuttanikāya. Said to have been “of reticent nature”. In the Preface she thanks Barnett, Stede and E. Thomas for help. One Mary E. Lilley, born Owston Ferry, Lincolnshire 1887, d. ?, was daughter of John L. and Sarah J. Huteson.

Publications: Edited for the P.T.S. The Apadāna of the Khuddaka Nikāya. 1-2, 1925.

Sources: Short note in IC 6:3, 1940, after p. 367; suggested candidate in

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