LONGHURST, Albert Henry

LONGHURST, Albert Henry. 1876 — 1955. British Archaeologist and Art Historian in India and Sri Lanka. Employed in A.S.I., in 1910-11 Superintendent of Western Circle, then of Southern Circle. In 1935-40 Archaeological Commissioner of Ceylon, mainly working at Polonnaruwa and concentrating more on conservation (or rather restoration) than on excavation. His extensive restorations involving new structures and sculptures have been severely criticized.

Publications: Pallava architecture. 1-3. 124 p. 67 pl. M.A.S.I. 17, 33, 40. Simla & Calcutta 1928-30.

The story of the stūpa. 54 p. 43 pl. Colombo 1936; The Buddhist Antiquities of Nagarjunakonda. 4+67 p. 50 pl. MASI 54. Delhi or Calcutta 1938.

Sources: Godakumbura 1969, 26-28.

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