LORRAIN, J. Herbert

LORRAIN, J. Herbert. 6.2.1870 — London 8.1.1944. British (Scots) Baptist Missionary in Assam. Grew up on South London where his father was postmaster. Left to India as missionary in 1890. With F. W. Savidge arrived 1894 at Mizoram, where they were the very first missionaries. In 1897 they moved together to what is now Arunachal Pradesh, in 1903 back to Mizoram. The created the Mizo (they called it Lushai) written language. Married 1904 Eleanor Atkinson. Retired in the early 1930s.

Publications: with F. W. Savidge: A grammar and dictionary of the Lushai language. 346 p. Shillong 1898.

A Dictionary of the Abor-Miri Language. 576 p. 1910.

Sources: Wikipedia.

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