LOVEJOY, Arthur Oncken

LOVEJOY, Arthur Oncken. Berlin 10.10.1873 — Baltimore 30.12.1962. U.S. Philosopher. Son of W.W.L., a physician who later turned into a clergyman, lost early his mother, Sara Oncken (d. 1875). Studied philosophy at Berkeley and Harvard (William James), but never completed a Ph.D. Taught short periods at different universities, in 1910-38 Professor of Philosophy at Johns Hopkins. Apparently never returned to Buddhist studies. Unmarried.

Publications: “The Buddhistic technical terms upādāna and upādisesa”, JAOS 19:2, 1898, 126-136.

Works on philosophy and intellectual history; founded the Journal of the History of Ideas in 1940.

Sources:; Wikipedia with photo and further references.

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