MACPHAIL, James Merry. 1863 — 1918. British (Scots) Missionary Doctor. Studies at Glasgow. M.A. 1885, M.D. 1895. A physician of the Santal Mission of the Free Church of Scotland. But Sinha says he died in Baroda 15.6.1929 after 42 years’ service.

Publications: “The Santals of Bengal”, Proc. of Royal Philos. Soc. of Glasgow 38, 1907, 70 p.; The Story of the Santal, with an account of the Santal Rebellion. 87 p. L. 1922.

Asoka. The Heritage of India Series. L. 1918, 2nd ed. 97 p. 1926.

Missionary biographies, etc.

Sources: S.P. Sinha, Conflict and Tension in Tribal Society. Delhi 1993, 122f.

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