MACPHERSON, Samuel Charles

MACPHERSON, Samuel Charles. 1??? — before 1865. British Colonial Officer in India. Captain of Madras Army, the Major. Before 1852 he served as Agent for the Suppression of Meriah Sacrifice and Female Infanticide in the Hill Tracts of Orissa. In 1857 Political Agent in Gwalior.

Publications: “An Account of the Religious Opinions and Observances of the Khonds of Goomsur and Boad”, JRAS 7, 1843, 172-199; “An Account of the Religion of the Khonds in Orissa”, JRAS 13, 1852, 216-274.

Memorials of Service in India from the Correspondence of the Late Major S.Ch.M. 10+400 p. L. 1865 (ed. by his brother, W. Machpherson, contains much on Khonds).

Sources: Stray notes in Internet.

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