MALINOWSKI, Franciszek

MALINOWSKI, Franciszek Ksawery. Gołubie, Pomerania 27.12.1807 (or 1808) — Komorniki, Wielkopolskie 30.1.1881. Polish Priest and Linguist interested in Sanskrit. After school in Skępo, Żuromin and Płock. Studies at Warsaw and from 1829 at seminary in Pelplin. In 1831-35 worked as tutor, then back to Pelplin. Ordained priest, worked as vicar in Czarze, as minister in Wałdów and finally in Poznań. He became blind in 1863 and had to distate his works. 1873 member of Cracow Academy. After a paralysis in 1877 lost his ability to work.

In his translation of Bopp’s Sanskrit Grammar Malinowski compared Sanskrit to Old Slavonian, but as a self-taught linguist could not meet the standards of contemporary linguistics. His main interest was always Polish and comparative Slavic linguistics. In addition, he was much interested in Greek and Hebrew.

Publications: Krytyczno-porównáwczá gramatyka języka Polskiego. Poznań 1869-73; Kriticzny pogląd na zásady glosowni … Polskiego języka. Poznań 1863; other writings on Polish.

Gramatyka Sanskrytu porównanégo z językiem Starosłowiańckim i Polskim na podstawie sanskryckiéj gramatyki F. Boppa napisaná. 1-3. Poznań 1872-73.

Sources: M. Guz, “Fr.Ks.M. als Wissenschaftler”, Prace Językoznawcze 1, 1999, 33-40; E. Słuszkiewicz in Indo-Asian Culture 7:4, 1959, 415f.; N.U.C. & British Library Catalogue; dates in (b. 1808); *Polish Wikipedia with photo (b. 1807).

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