MARCUSSEN, Ulrik Paoli (Paul)

MARCUSSEN, Ulrik Paoli (Paul). Tanger, Morocco 4.2.1848 — Roskilde 18.5.1906. Danish Author. Son of Marcus Paulli M. (1798–1870), a diplomat, and Emilie Carstensen (1814–1907). Matriculated 1867 from Christianshavn. For a while he studied Sanskrit under Fausbøll and published a free metric rendering of the Meghadūta, but then turned to other occupations and became known as a journalist and playwright (of folk comedies and singspiels). Married 1875 with Rose Thier (1854–1898), a pianist.

Publications: translated: Skybudet. En indisk Elegi af Kālidāsa. 96 p. Kjøbenhavn 1882.

Sources: C. C. Christensen, S.B.L. 15, 1938, 308f.; briefly Pauly, Køb. Univ. 8, 1992, 544.


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