MARSHMAN, John Clark

MARSHMAN, John Clark. Bristol 18.8.1794 — London 8.7.1877. British Lay Missionary in India, then Politician in England. Son of —> Joshua M., educated at the Baptist Missionary station in Serampore, formally joined the brotherhood in 1819 and directed, as layman, its affairs during 20 years. He set up the first paper-mill in India and worked as journalist, founding the first Bengali monthly and weekly, both in 1818. For years he served also as the official Bengali Translator for the Government. One of the founders of the Serampore College. He left India in 1852 “and was examined by Parliament before the renewal of the Charter in 1853, and influenced the Education despatch fo 1854; he also advocated the promotion of forestry, telegraphs and railways in India; and had an influential position in the E. I. Railway Company in London.” He failed to obtain a seat in the new Council of India. C.S.I. 1868.

Publications: numerous articles in his own magazines and in the Calcutta Review.

with W. Carey: A Dictionary of the Bengalee Language. 1. B. and English. 533 p. Serampore 1827, 9th ed. 1874.

The History of India from remote Antiquity to the Accession of the Mogul Dynasty. 1842; History of India from the Earliest Period to the Close of Lord Dalhousie’s Administration. 1-3. L. 1863-67.

Guide to the Civil Law of the Presidency of Fort William. 1845-46; and other law books.

The Life and Times of Carey, Marshman and Ward. 1-2. 1859.

Memoirs of Maj.-General Sir Henry Havelock, K.C.B. 1860.

Sources: JRAS Proc. 1878, xif.; Buckland, Dictionary; Wikipedia with drawing.


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