MARX, Karl

MARX, Karl Rudolf. 1857 — Leh 29.5.1891. German Missionary Physician, Tibetologist and Historian in Ladakh., specialising on ophthalmology. Missionary of the Moravian Mission in Ladakh (Leh) from 1887. An early scholar of the history and archaeology of Ladakh and the teacher of A. H. Francke. Married. Died of typhoid, which also took his both children, and the widow returned to Germany. His papers were later used by —> A. H. Francke.

Publications: Translated parts of the West Tibetan chronicle: “Three Documents relating to the History of Ladakh”, JASB 60, 1891, 97-135 & 63, 189?, 94-107 & 71, 1902, 21-34 (about one third of the whole).

Sources: R. Beszterda, Moravian Brethren and Himalayan Cultures. N.D. 2014, 255-257; *Missionsblatt der Brüdergemeinde 1891; not in Dt. biogr. Archiv (with N.F.), Biogr. Lex. Böhm. Länder, D.B.E., Ö.B.L.; briefly Wikipedia.

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